Recruitment for permanent positions is our specialty at Corps9. Experience shows that our approach works, regardless of sector, on appointments from Manager-level and upwards. Our service is always tailored meaning your specific needs are met every time. We manage the recruitment process carefully for each appointment, treating each one as if it were our first time working with you.

We believe that “The services of good recruitment agencies can save businesses time and money, as well as ensure that job hunters find the right position as quickly as possible. In short, using a recruitment agency is the right choice for businesses that need to find the best staff and job seekers who want to secure their ideal position in the shortest possible time.”

We have developed expertise & helped our clients in ramping up their project teams in the following Industries:


Architecture. Construction sounds boom loudly nowadays as the Indian skyline towers with competing skyscrapers. The architectural industry is growing considerably, with increasing number of new architectural firms entering the market with innovative designs and software for providing better services. Urban planning is expected to increase the demand for upgraded design technology involving 3D models, and high end designing software.

The battle for architectural talent is rife but Corps9 have a reputation for sourcing and delivering the very highest caliber candidates to their clients. Our specialised recruiters have combined experience of recruiting exclusively for the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design and urban planning.

Civil & Structural Engineering

The driving force behind most of the technical changes and infrastructural development, Engineering and Heavy Equipment Industry has been significantly contributing to the economic development.

This industry demands professionals with sound technical knowledge and logical brain to arrive at effective solutions. Along with knowledge and qualifications, they must have have a desire to learn and constantly adapt themselves to the changes. Corps9 provide candidates who possess a sense of diagnosing problems, the strength and stamina required to work with heavy equipment, work in difficult situations, the ability to work alone or part of a team and above all fit into your organization.

Modular Kitchen

Research firm Technavio forecasts growth of the modular kitchen market in India at a CAGR of 51.87% between 2014 and 2019. The segment holds immense business opportunity and is one of the booming industries in India.

By utilising our extensive executive network and advanced methods of executive head-hunting, our Recruitment Corps know where talent can be found in the marketplace, and are the best professionals suited to determining which executive candidates are most appropriate to the specific needs of our clients.

Modular Furniture

It is been estimated that the world home furniture market is worth Rs 20,000 crore and during the past three years, it grew by 20 % a year. This also covered living room furniture. The Indian demand for living room furniture has enjoyed steady growth over the years. In the year 2006, the Indian furniture industry was estimated at around Rs 35,000 crores.

Indian Furniture Industry is a highly unorganized sector. The furniture industry in India employs a total of around 300,000 workers.

Interior Design

Corps9 was created to offer candidates and clients within the interior design industry a recruitment solution that has a vision and a genuine interest for interiors, but it’s our motivation and drive to be the best at what we do that makes us unique.

We understand why design is so important, the concepts, ethics, psychology, creativity and much more. To be an Interior Designer a broad range of skills is required and we know this! 

The best Interior Designers make it look easy and we aim to do the same for your next hire or job search!

Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical sectors we are ideally positioned, if you’re looking for a genuine sector expert. This experience has been gained by constantly delivering a truly customer focused service, knowing full well how incestuous the market is so we never let our standards drop.

We believe you can only greatly deliver a first class recruitment service if you really understand your customers’ business. 

We have a team committed to the retention and development of new and existing clients, whilst also supporting the brightest talent the lighting industry has to offer into the most suited company.


The Indian flooring industry has been passing through an exciting period, thanks to the influx of newer materials, technology, and specialized machinery. Project scales, especially with respect to industrial and commercial flooring have increased dramatically in recent times.

Corps9 Corporate Solutions was created in order to meet the essential needs of our clients within the sector. Our construction recruitment services is among the very best that you would find. As a construction recruitment consultant, we know the ins and outs of this industry. We know what you would require for each type of job categorically.

Building Materials

Hiring the right talent is crucial in today’s increasingly competitive building materials market. While price, product, promotion and place are all important, your team remains the most important part of your success.

As the building materials market continues to strengthen, the demand for talent has increased, and the availability of that talent has reduced. Corps9 Corporate Solutions is working to a powerful and thorough search methodology our consultants aim to take the complex and expensive procedures of recruitment within the Building Material industry out of your hands so you can focus on your day to day business.

Doors & Windows

Corps9 Corporate Solutions  is a professional employment specialist for the glazing, construction and fenestration industries. We take time to understand the most exacting needs of our clients and use our expertise and industry knowledge to find the right candidates, at all levels, including our dedicated Executive Recruitment function.

Placing leaders are industry recognised for their expertise in matching the right candidates to the right job. We are specialised in recruitment for positions in the fenestration and façade industry – this includes Glazing jobs, Windows, Architectural Aluminium, Curtain Walling and Cladding positions.