Why Choose Us

The reason why you should choose corps9

By making your hiring systems more efficient and cost effective it will keep you ahead of the competition. Our broad industry knowledge and high-calibre team provide expert solutions and support that will help to eradicate any technology constraints.

It is our aim to develop and maintain a reputation based on honesty, technical expertise and high standards of workmanship and to charge prices that are fair and easily understood by clients.

We follow a highly effective step-by-step process to develop an in-depth knowledge of your business, together with an understanding of the type of people and skills you need to optimise your company performance. Throughout the entire recruitment process, you remain firmly in control of events, and yet you’re free to focus on your mainstream business activities.

This stress-free solution to permanent recruitment involves minimal time input on your part, and maximises the chances of finding the perfect addition to your team.  Corps will tailor a solution that is exactly right for you from a range of permanent recruitment services.

Understanding Client Process:

Our expert screening team primarily focuses on identifying the right talent as per client’s specifications without deviating from the given guidelines, as we understand that all companies have the cultural uniqueness which has to be kept in mind while searching for prospective employees for a particular organization.

 Search Methodology :

In our search methodology we stress on talent mapping, cultural fit – since we believe the above two are the key factors in retaining the talent and hence the organizational productivity.

 Research Approach:

If your success is dependent upon finding and securing highly skilled talent, you will need a staffing agency that specializes in those areas that are important to you. We can help you.

Corps9 “Recruiting Method” has been developed and perfected over a long period of providing staffing excellence through traditional recruiting techniques. The traditional “recruiting method” starts with partnering with you to truly understand your needs, your group, company environment and hiring process (job description development, resume submittal, interview, offer, start date, follow-up).

The recruiting method continues with sourcing known candidates using our proprietary database, mapping of competitors, extensive professional network, and attending user groups. Sourcing qualified candidates and not just “job seekers” without relying on the Internet is what makes us different.


We are driven by quality therefore we have a tried and tested recruitment process that supports our Consultants expertise to ensure who we hire is the right person for you, as the cost of a wrong hire is something we take seriously.


Without compromising on quality, as an independently owned business, we can access each campaign individually, therefore keeping costs flexible and competitive.

 Our Team:

Our Recruitment Corps known for bringing a common sense approach to recruitment and going the extra mile to ensure clients and candidates achieve the best possible outcomes; we are very focused on understanding our clients’ business needs and striving to develop long-term working relationships.

With depth knowledge of all of the sectors, our Recruitment Corps are well equipped to advise clients and candidates. Widely respected for their expertise in this area our specialist’s Recruitment Corps have a reputation for delivering an exceptional and professional service.


    • Access to specialist recruitment technology.
    • More transparent recruitment spend.
    • Access to larger number of suitable candidates.
    • Reduction in recruitment costs through economy of scale.
  • Reduction in staff turnover and consequential costs.